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By July 16, 2020August 14th, 2020No Comments

Vernon Davis, a Washington D.C. native who currently plays tight end for the Washington Football team, recently sponsored a clothes give-a-way at a local charity that helps homeless youth. Davis shook hands, took pictures and selfies, and talked to young people at the event, Vernon’s Closet, Sept. 8 at Covenant House Washington in Southeast.

Davis said sponsoring the event meant a lot to him. “It is my desire to use Vernon’s Closet as a way to raise more awareness to homelessness; especially among D.C. area youth and hopefully encourage others to get involved as well,” Davis said.

The event was part of the kickoff to Sleep Out America 2017 where people will live like the homeless for a night to see what their less fortunate neighbors deal with. Sleep Out America will take place on Nov. 16.

Davis spoke to a crowd of 50 in Covenant House’s main hall that serves as a cafeteria. He talked about his tough upbringing in the District. “I have six siblings and we were raised by my grandmother, Adeline Davis,” he said. “My grandmother was there in my life when my mother couldn’t be there.”

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