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[nectar_dropcap color=”#000000″]V[/nectar_dropcap]ernon Davis is a 11 year veteran in the NFL-who has been selected into two NFL Pro-Bowls, played in two Super Bowls, and has won one Super Bowl Championship. Originally known for his record breaking combine numbers for most bench press repetitions by an NFL Tight End and fastest 40 yard dash time ever ran by an NFL Tight End, Davis has left his mark on several areas on and off the football field.

Powell’s Marketing has help guide Davis on a path of brand building and monetization that has labeled Vernon one of the most innovative brand ambassadors and entrepreneurs in NFL history. With unprecedented deals such as being the first professional athlete to take his brand public with Fantex Inc, to owning five Jamba Juice QSR franchises and counting. Vernon Davis has spread his passion and creativity among some of the nations top brands and investors.

Davis is one of few athletes who earns close to the same amount of revenue through brand ambassadorships and businesses endeavors off the field as he does from his employer of the National Football League. Staying true to his passion of healthy living, a love for art, Philanthropy, and entrepreneurship has been the blueprint that Powell’s Marketing has built upon during Davis’ career.